Elite Physique Facilities

Elite Physique is Canberra’s 24/7 premier muscle building and strength training gym facility.

Atmosphere and know-how are important factors and matching these features with the very best in old school Strength Training Equipment as well as Specialized Machines means regardless of your goals, we have the resources that allow you to dial in your workout objectives.

Brands such as Hammer Strength, Forza, Elite FTS and Westside Barbell give Elite Physique the edge when it comes to improving your body’s hardware.

No less than 9 Power Racks including Westside Barbell Mono-lift, Elite FTS Professional Power Racks and 4 Lifting Platforms.

All purpose built to accommodate every Powerlifting, Olympic Lifting and Body Building requirements.


Bands, chains, kettlebells, bumper plates plus competition Ivanko Barbells, Texas Power Bars, Specialized Barbells and calibrated plates, provide the staple to a top-shelf training facility. 

This high end training resource is complimented by some unique specialized benches and machines. 

Westside GHR and Reverse Hyper, Elite FTS Competition Benches, Forza Super Benches, 1500lbs capacity Supermax Leg Press, Dumbells to 150lbs, dozens of specialized cable machines, & benches.


Smith Machines, Pin Loaded and Plate Loaded isolation equipment to target weak points and maintain joint integrity.  

If you have a lagging body part we have the capability to re-engineer your software. If rehabilitation is needed, we have the personnel and the machinery to regenerate.  Of course if all you require is an environment to succeed, then Elite Physique can provide a diverse training platform for you to excel, whatever your strength requirements may be.


See you under the Bar.

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Staffed Hours

(24/7 Gym swipe access)
Monday – Thursday:
9.30am until 7.30pm
Friday: 9.30am – 3.00pm
Saturday: 9.30am – 1.00pm
Sunday/Public holidays No staff
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