10 Tips to get Beach Ready

10 Tips to get Beach Ready

Elite Physique Top 10 Tips for Summer!

  1. Eat carbs: Yes, to lose fat. Eat carbs. Choose high density carbs that grow in the ground (Potato, Sweet Potato, Carrots, Turnips, etc). Eat vegetables, salads (yes, these are carbs) and some fruit.
  2. Water! If you had to change just ONE thing to lose weight, cut all liquids to water only.
  3. Eat fats: Virgin coconut, olive and flaxseed oil, raw nuts and seeds. Fish oils.
  4. Eat protein: Whole eggs (yes, with the yolk), Full Fat Dairy, Lean Meats, Fish, etc
  5. Lift Heavy.  Perform heavy Barbell lifts in rep ranges 1-5.  This builds strength in connective tissue, bones and provides a strength reserve for many sporting & leisure activities.
  6. Perform higher rep sets after Big Compound Movements. This creates fatigue on the back of heavy compound lifts, which causes lactate build-up, muscle breakdown and subsequent muscle hypertrophy development. Reps in the range of 8-15
  7. Perform high intensity endurance intervals at least twice per week.
  8. Get sleep.   Most people require at least 8 hours.  Lack of Sleep may cause hormonal imbalances, food cravings and elevated cortisol to name a few.  If these are present it can compromise fat loss potential and more to the point contribute to fat gain.
  9. STOP dieting.  If an eating plan is unsustainable, there will be consequences; period! Like exercise and training, nutritional protocols require programming, assessment and alteration. 
  10. Be consistent.  This is one of, if not the major contributors to progress; both nutritionally and physically.  Quit the Program Hopping and stop being a Diet Mercenary. There are many quality regimes to follow and undertaking something for several weeks just doesn’t cut it!  Embrace the process for several months and then when you think you’re competent, turn that into years!  Sounds counter intuitive but the best bodies on the planet are a result of being very good at the basics (food choices & exercise)!  

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