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  • BoxFit (Starts 15/10/2016)

    Box fit class starting at Elite Physique, Saturday 15th October 10:00am open to all fitness levels. BoxFit is a combination of cardio boxing and fitness intensive training. BoxFit is tweaked for maximum calorie burn and stamina. Burn fat and sculpt...
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    *ATTENTION GOLD'S MEMBERS* Elite Physique is sorry to hear about the closure of Gold's Gym in Tuggeranong and the inconvenience it has caused their members. Elite Physique is offering cheap memberships to all Gold's members over the next two weeks. We...
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    Public Holiday (Long weekend)

    Monday 26th September (Family and Community day) & Monday 3rd October (Labour day) Trading hours: 9am to 6pm Classes: 9:30am Metafit 10am Abbs
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  • Result Based Training (RBT)

    Join Elite Physique’s - Result Based Training (RBT) program for GUARANTEED RESULTS! You will receive a 12 week free gym membership, when you sign up!During the 12 weeks you have a choice of either:a) 1x 1 hour PT sessions per week   OR   b) 2x 30 mins...
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